Create chatbots and integrate WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, SMS or website

Use cases: correspondence from the CRM system, registration for services, recruiting, chatbot with promo codes.

How does the API work?

In the response, you receive a QR code to connect
Sending a request with a phone number to the server
The server processes the request, sends a message to the client, and sends the message status in response
When sending messages from a subscriber
The server sends a message with all the data to the system, and you record it in your system
When receiving a message from the interlocutor
It is necessary to set a pause between messages (30 seconds), but it is better to do without bulks
Features of working with bulk mail

Request examples

Send message

curl '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
          "source": "whatsapp",
          "token":  "12345678",
          "login":  "my_phone",
              "to": "client_phone",
              "text": "test"

Available APIs



QR Code Link
Status checking
Sending messages
Retrieving chat lists
Retrieving message lists
Marking the chat as read

We offer several connection options

Link with phone number


Link with QR Code
Account Linking
Status checking
Message sending
Retrieval of chat lists
Retrieval of message lists

We offer several connection options

Link with Phone Number
Chat marking as read
Two-Factor Auth
Another one of our products is an application that allows you to send SMS messages from your
personal phone number

Step-by-Step guide

Download the Application
Download the APK from our official source.
After installation, open the application and proceed with the authorization process.
Connect and Start Using
Once you've successfully authorized the application, you're ready to connect your phone and start using it for sending SMS messages.


This system is designed to resend messages in the event
of an error.
Message Resending System
Webhooks may fail to reach their destination initially due to HTTP errors or unavailability of client-side handler. In such cases, our webhook delivery system makes multiple attempts over a specified timeframe to ensure successful delivery.
Webhook Delivery System
Our Schedule Service is a dedicated tool that enables the creation and
configuration of mass communications.
Schedule Service
The Cascade Sending Service is a powerful tool that allows
end users to configure the sequential delivery of messages through different channels,
thereby enhancing message deliverability.
Cascade Sending Service
/month per account
From 6000 account
6000 messages per account
Email + chat in messengers 24/7
/month per account
From 50 account
Email Support 24/7
/month per account
From 1 account
6000 сообщений на аккаунт
Email Support working hours
On all tariffs are available: constructor, integration with CRM systems, API, sending and receiving files, message statuses, conversion tracking, the ability to write first, auto-sending.

Choose your tariff

/month per account
From 1000 accounts
6000 messages per account
Email + chat in messengers 24/7

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