Create chatbots and integrate WhatsApp, Telegram or website
Use cases: correspondence from the CRM system, registration for services, recruiting, chatbot with promo codes.
How does the API work?
In the response, you receive a QR code to connect
Sending a request with a phone number to the server
The server processes the request, sends a message to the client, and sends the message status in response
When sending messages from a subscriber
The server sends a message with all the data to the system, and you record it in your system
When receiving a message from the interlocutor
It is necessary to set a pause between messages (30 seconds), but it is better to do without bulks
Features of working with bulk mail
Request examples
Send message

curl '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
          "source": "whatsapp",
          "token":  "12345678",
          "login":  "my_phone",
              "to": "client_phone",
              "text": "test"
/month per account
From 6000 accounts
6000 messages per account
/month per account
From 50 accounts
6000 messages per account
/month per account
From 1 accounts
6000 messages per account
On all tariffs are available: constructor, integration with CRM systems, API, sending and receiving files, message statuses, conversion tracking, the ability to write first, auto-dispatches
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